Unplugged? Who? Moi ?



To unplug or to ne unplugged?
To unplug or to be unplugged?

I ? Unplugging my computer? Unplugging my blog? Are you dreaming? Or are you teasing me?

I had to live unplugged for more than a year. It was awful during the first weeks – and I was not blogging at that time. Participating in online reading groups. Posting brief messages and illustrations on Facebook. Following a few friends. Reading the news. Working about literary papers and needing online resources.

Life without a computer

Finally, I found that The Village provided an internet connection twice a week, three hours each day. I was the first, waiting for the doors to open. I was the last, being gently but firmly pushed out.

No notes to be taken at odd hours. No research during the night. Nobody to talk to. No discussion about books. A complete desert.

Looking wistfully for a connection

Therefore unplugged, NOW? No, nope, never!

Well, yes, of course. I have to. I need to. I like to. To be unplugged. But only because I know I can connect again anytime I wish… Et toc !

ding dong merrily on high


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