On December, 8th – and another celebration of Mary in the RC Calendar



On December, the 8th, a candle was lighted
And it made me think on the feast celebrating Mary – another one, will you say? – and the way it is celebrated in one of the main French cities – but not in Paris!
It made me think also of a colleague of Father’s who was also a friend of Mother’s, and the way they were celebrating this day in her native country and what were the consequences.
But The Girls have been so demanding that I had no time to write during the day, and now it is too late. I’ll tell you all tomorrow and shall try to make it up with the window that we shall open in the morning. Two entries in one day!
“Ther is no rose of swych vertue” by The Madediaeval Baebes
A English C. 1420 Advent Carol by Anonymous.
The rose refers to The Virgin Mary and is typical lyrically, of carols of this era, in which the Virgin Mary is compared to a rose.
The carol is sung in old english.

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