A parable.

This post found on another fellow blogger may be inspiring for some of you.
I assume that many of you, my friends and readers, know about The Little Family and, most of all, about The Girls. You may imagine then how and why this “parable” is close to my heart and why I share it!

11 thoughts on “A parable.

  1. I have a disabled step son, he looks fine but is very much on the autistic spectrum and has depression. This story resonants a lot. Thank you for sharing, and on a sunny, spring like day.

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    1. My young sister and my cousins both “suffer” from Down Syndrome and I am their “carer”: they live with me or I live with them and we are “The Little Family all three together. One of my brothers died from myopathy some years ago, when he was around twenty. So, when I read this story, on ThumbUp blog, it was important for me and I wanted to share it. But it is ThumbUp you should all thank for telling this true story first. I only reblogged it.

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