A first smile for spring



No, it is not yet spring, official spring. But there are clumps of daffodils in the garden and they are spring and well worth a smile!

We had a lovely blue sky all day with a bright sunshine, birds singing, fresh ait, I must confess, not at all a warm afternoon. But THE day where the light is more bright, where there is something in the air that shows winter is gone.


And this made me smile … and write here for the first time!


8 thoughts on “A first smile for spring

  1. Oh, this is so great!! At last, the first sign is here and I’m so much hopeful that it will bring more colors and joys with it.
    Here in Karachi, sky is bit white. Sun is shining but not in a happy mood, I should say. Hoping for some light and pleasant days ahead.

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  2. When there are Spring flowers it is close enough to Spring for me! It has been warmer than usual here, but I don’t expect flowers for a while. The snow is gone, but there is always the possibility that more will still come – usually the flowers peek out about the time the snow is finally gone, but that’s usually end of March or even early April.

    Enjoy your early Spring!

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    1. It is spring as it should be today! Icy cold with blasts of wind and stinging rain. We call them “giboulées” in French, and they should last until the end of March (around).
      No snow for us. There may be some in January or near the middle of February but it lasts a week at most. This is horrific for us! (smile tongue in cheek).
      Just imagine that we are under the influence of the Gulf Stream. It is a mild weather compared with yours!
      We may be a trifle warm in the summer, though! 🙂

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      1. Sounds great. It is so interesting how much farther north much of Europe is compared to the US, and yet the weather is so much more temperate.

        Cape Cod sticks out to the edge of the Gulf Stream, so it is usually at least 10 degrees warmer in the Winter than it is here in New Hampshire. Spring there, though is long, wet and nasty. The summers are much cooler, while temperatures in the 30s are much more common in NH. That is why I love my cottage on Cap Cod so much will end up living there full time some day.

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      2. By the way, “A first smile for spring” was intended to be linked with with your “weekly smile”. I saw my self in the link but I hop I did everything right. If not, tell me what to add, please. 🙂

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      3. Actually, it isn’t right. When you copied the link you were editing the post so it tries to go to the edit page, which only you can see. Also, you put it up just a little before I was going to close down last-weeks link-up so people might not see it. Can you re-do it on this week’s smile link-up? If thee is still a problem I will try to fix it. And if you come up with another smile this week, more than 1 post a week is fine 🙂

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