Night and Day – Virginia Woolf (1919)

If you have read the blog about “Pointed Roofs” and Dorothy Richardson, please, read this one. Virginia Woolf experimented the stream of consciousness technique at the same time as Dorothy Richardson – although not in this novel. But Alison will explain you all there is to know here!


night and day

“I’ve seen more trouble come from long engagements than from any other forms of human folly.”

Night and Day – Virginia Woolf’s second novel is a social comedy and a love story but also a subtle examination of women’s roles. The narrative, like that of The Voyage Out – which I read last year – is much more conventional than her later modernist novels To the Lighthouse, and Mrs Dalloway that I read in January. Although a little over four hundred pages it is a novel with a very simple plot – it is however, the complex, changing relationships between the central characters, which give the novel its depth. I enjoyed it enormously – it isn’t a difficult read, and these were characters I liked spending time with.

Night and Day is a slightly longer novel than I associate with Woolf, I confess on a busy tiring week it…

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