Dramatis personnae: Anne-Fleur (1)

Lights and Shades

I briefly alluded to my sisters when I introduced this blog in the previous post, but I shall focus on the eldest one here.

When one hears of people with Down syndrome, it is mostly of children. Very often, there is a lovely picture of a smiling child, different from “normal” people, but not that much. Parents are talking of their offspring or researchers of the progress made by science during the past years. Most of the time, the reader is given a positive image of family life: the child is a beacon of pure light, a treasure, someone to cherish unconditionally, a gift of God, a new meaning for the existence of the whole family, a blessing.

I do not say it is wrong. I say it is one aspect only.

Anne-Fleur will be 57 next July. She was born in a French middle-class family in 1959. Her parents…

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