I am sorry

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I am sorry, dear friends and readers: I should have been writing sooner. I have been preoccupied by the new blog “Lights and Shades”, but mostly by daily difficulties, and how to smooth them for The Girls and make them appear but natural events that may be solved without showing they are problems.

Of course, my old friend Stress came visit me, and brought with him his great pal “The Migraine”. Now, she is to be treated with consideration and adequate medication. She has been staying with me for three days now and made my mind fuzzy – not very coherent. I hope a little sleep will help her go away.

What a pity we are on a Friday and thus on a shopping day. I must try to write a coherent shopping list for this afternoon.

More news when I am feeling better. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, what about YOUR news?


6 thoughts on “I am sorry

  1. Migraines are nasty – you have my sympathy. I seem to have got past being troubled by them. Nowadays if I have one it’s so slight it amounts to no more than disturbed vision for a while. Let’s hope that in the future yours will diminish in the same way.

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