This week, the very good blog “Vulpes Libris” invites poetry lovers to read their bloggers’ choices.

I invite you to make one more step: why would you not choose a poem you particularly love and share it with us?

Let’s make a week of poetry that would be the bloggers and readers’ poetry with comments and interractions.

From my window, I can see acacias beginning to put on their white blossoms and smell their sweet scent.They will give us their summer perfumed honey in a few months.

We all have memories like these mauve, golden, pink, white.clusters of flowers that became scent or honey or more memories. Let them all come forward as poems we loved, still love, and how they live in our lives.

Share a poem with us and let you know why you love it.

Let’s dare!


3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. So, who is going to leave a poeme he/shewould love to see published – with no justifiation?. Only the poem. And ilustrations. The plesaure of words and the way they relate with us. 🙂
    I shall go first!


    1. Reblogged? You have me completely flabbergasted! I intended on a whim to ask friends to turn contributors and send their favourite poem(s). I am still dazed by the number who answered. And you reblog them? I never thought of that! Thank you! 🙂


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