Poetry is honey for the soul (3) – Anna Akharmatova (and Kaggsy – with a suggestion from Olga)

      Poetry is honey for the soul

Yesterday, Olga proposed to read the 130th sonnet by Shakespeare, and, mainly, to listen to it read by Alan Rickman. Today, poetry is shown as a part of the universal as Kaggsy (who is wel known by her blog


proposes one of Anna Akhamatova’ poems.

One Russian lady, suggesting a British poet, and one British Lady, suggesting a Russian then USSR “avant-garde poet”.

And each choosing one’s vision of a painting that might illustrate this poem.

Kaggsy says: “I love this poem – short, effective and evocative.”



The roads to the past have long been closed
and what is the past to me now?
What is there? Bloody slabs,
or a bricked up door,
or an echo that still could not
keep quiet, although I ask so…
The same thing happened with the echo
as with what I carry in my heart

Anna Aharmatova


(translated by Richard McKane)


Olga gives us the original and agrees that that the translation is very close to it, while being beautiful on its own.


В прошлое давно пути закрыты,

И на что мне прошлое теперь?

Что там? — окровавленные плиты,

Или замурованная дверь,

Или эхо, что еще не может

Замолчать, хотя я так прошу…

С этим эхом приключилось то же,

Что и с тем, что в сердце я ношу.



This is the painting with which Kaggsy would see as illustration of “Echo”

“Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” (by El Lissitzky-1919)


And it is Olga‘s suggestion

Alexandr Shevchenko (“Radiant composition”, 1914)


In fact, Olga comments ” I think about the so-called “radiant painting” – the abstract way of painting which was “invented” at the beginning of the XX century (M.Larionov, N. Goncharova etc.) Although the poem Echo was written in 1960 (“ottepel” in the soviet history) this way of painting illustrates very well the thoughts of Akhmatova.”


Thank you to both ladies for their collaboration and their look on painting art as far as this poem is concerned!

2 thoughts on “Poetry is honey for the soul (3) – Anna Akharmatova (and Kaggsy – with a suggestion from Olga)

    1. Olga thanked you and me on my FB page this morning where is was posted – as well as on my blogger page. She said that working with you about poetry and art, putting both together, and doing research about the different movements had been very interesting and that she was very pleased. I told her that I had put the link to your blog at the head of your post and that she could look at your work and possibly meet otheR British blogger she might love. I was thinking about HeavenAli and Simon among others. I shall give her your link once more. And then, you’ll see… She is very discreet, a ianist and piano teacher in the Conservatory in Moscow, loves beauty, the UK and all things British (as you may have seen she chose Shakespeare sayed by Alan Rickman…).
      Your choice of Akhmatova was excellent as that of the painting.
      The blog has been well followed on WordPress and Blogspot since Sunday. I am surprised, though not on the taste of the contributors!!! 😉 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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