The Little Family is having some problems.

There are still poems  to be published


they may not be as regularly as before.

Please, excuse us.

The Girls and I hope to be back soon.


15 thoughts on “Problems

    1. Thank you Hammad. The floods are North of Dordogne and they are slowly subsiding. But they have been cruel where they have hit.
      I have problems with The Girls who are afraid of being parted from me. I have to give them more time. They stutter and forget things. One has problems with her knees and seems sometimes to have a glassy stare as if she was going to faint or if she was not “with us” anymore.
      And I have problems with the house, the garden… I must find a solution. This means writing to the administration and asking, asking, asking. It is gnawing at me and slowly wearing me out. I could do better before.
      It is kind of you to ask.
      All my best regards to Jia and to you. And a hug to Uzair if her mum and you allow.

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      1. You are the only person for The Girls, taking care of them round the clock. I may not understand how much you are going through but I do know this: not everyone is capable of handling things like these like you are.
        There is no need to ask for hug. You can do so whenever you want. No objection from the parents of your honorary nephew 🙂

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      1. Yes, you are right. But now that it is morning, fresh and bright, I try to think positively. It seems a good idea not to glue myself inside my problems. Working with the poems may be a way out – not to escape from reality but to see it differently. That way, I might give less power to the rules and attitudes of the administration, of the difficulties of everyday life. There is something beyond the material life. Poetry, art, history, music, myths – they do exist as well.


  1. Trent, thank you to your comment that disappeared suddenly while I was answering. Yes, I hope to be back soon. I have poems that have been sent to me and I have to post them! When things are better, would you be kind enough to give a contribution?

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    1. Thank you. Tough times are recurrent with The Girls but the toughness is different each time as well as its nature. This morning, fresh, bright, sunny, I try to think positively and imagine that all problems have their solutions. Most of all, messages like yours do help. 🙂


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