Would you, please, help The Little Family? – continued



First and foremost, I want to thank you. To thank you all and each of you who have taken time to read my last long post. To thank you who have shown that you cared by clicking on the “like” key. To thank you who have written a comment, an encouragement, a sign of indignation, ideas to help.

You may not imagine how much of a comfort these signs of support may be. The sudden feeling that what we live is really not normal; that, yes, things ought to be done to change the situation; that these inertia and negativity are not to be borne without a word; that we have a right to live normally; and that what we ask is not extraordinary but the facts and deeds of any life.

Thank you.

Since my cry for help, two days ago, I have received news from a French non governmental organisation that I had contacted. It is called l’Office chrétien des persones handicapées (OCH – Christian Office for Handicapped Persons) and is situated in Paris. You don’t have to be a Christian to appeal to it, although we are Roman Catholics. This Organisation listens to people who have problems either because they are handicapped or because they are family or friends or relatives of handicapped people. It has a legal counseling small department as well: I have been given the name and email address of a legal advisor upon whom I have called today.

Being Roman Catholic, I also emailed the services in charge of the care of “the ill and disabled/handicapped” of our local bishopric in Périgueux. They may show spiritual concern but also material help, indicating local charities. These might help in turn in giving alms to do the great spring/summer cleaning of the house and the cutting of the grass. Thank you for pointing to me the resource of charities of which I had not thought.

I have emailed Anne-Fleur’s financial administrator for the nth time, stating our needs once more, as I have stated them to you. I have received the receipt that says that the email has been opened but this is automatic: I have no answer, even an acknowledgement of the email.

The Head of the local Agency that provides the “Socialising/ Shopping/Cleaning Lady” and should be providing the team of cleaning ladies and the gardener is on holidays for the week. If she were to give an answer, that would not be before next week.

Things cannot evolve with lightening speed. But they have moved in two days – largely thanks to you. I was disheartened when I wrote the last post: I feel better today and when I feel better, The Girls feel happier.

We still need you, your presence, your ideas, your support, your suggestions, and your reassurance.

Please, do not leave us now: we are at the beginning of the road towards normality. Please, still comment; at least, click on “like” to show you have read. And if you are kind enough, share on social media.

The Little Family thanks you.


8 thoughts on “Would you, please, help The Little Family? – continued

  1. Courage, Camille. I know it’s easy to say but, believe me, our whole life here is made up of these delays and incapacity by the authorities. Everything is constantly hanging in the balance. And, never mind about us, yesterday I read in the paper that refugees in camps were told they might have to wait a year before they can even apply for asylum… At least France, bureaucratic as it might be, does have a good infrastructure and properly run institutions.

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    1. Thank you Marina.
      France has too many rules and regulations, duplicate administrations, and a very heavy bureaucratic system. This is an inheritance or consequence of the use of Roman law.
      But our situation is not that of refugees in camps which is dreadful and inhuman.

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    1. Thank you, Hammad. There should be news next week and, inch’Allah/if God wishes, they will be good! I already feel better for all the support and the warmth I have been given this week. And The Girls are brighter, better. We went together to make the weekly shopping. They were happy and willing to help, laughing, interested in what we were buying. I expect that what I live with them is similar to what a parent lives with his/her child.
      I want them healthy and happy.
      And I start to see stars in the night. Friends here are real stars. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Dear Camille, I do hope that things will move forward.
    I am a bit used to the shenanigans of the French administration, but with far different troubles and less important to my wellbeing than yours are. I have learnt one thing if you don’t step on their feet regularly then nothing will happen or if it does happen it will be very slowly.
    Many hugs! And lots of strength, Solveig

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