In need of a word of comfort

I have started writing to The Little Family during the last month but I cannot end the post. Feelings are too raw and I am overtired.

Elder Girl had to be dashed to hospital after a fit where she convulsed and badly hurt her head and scalp. She had a scan, a electro-encephalogram, various tests, was examined by various doctors and a neurologist, and diagnosed epileptic, which is often the case when DownS persons are ageing and heading towards the end of their lives.

I shall not write about life at home. I shall do this another time. Later. Life is difficult, bleak. I do not know how to cope. I do not have the means to cope and help is distilled drop after drop when I shriek for it.

I am tired of advice from people who do not know what I am going through and what about what The Girls are going through. Fortunately, I have a few kind friends on Facebook who have helped me through last week ordeal. Others are living in their own  intellectual private sphere without a shred of understanding.

If you read this, would you please be kind enough to wave, say hello, show that you are here. No more. I feel alone and lonely. I try to be brave but I am NOT brave at all. I am frightened.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “In need of a word of comfort

  1. Hello! -waves- I’m sorry about problems with the Little Family and particularly with Elder Girl. Understand why you are frightened. No matter what happens -you- will survive and need to take care of yourself.

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  2. So sorry to hear that things have been so awful for you – and nobody I’m sure can really understand what it’s like unless they are in the middle of it themself. Although life throws fearful things at us, we humans usually manage to cope and I hope you will find the strength to do so. Courage, mon brave. x

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  3. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you and The Girls. I admit about being stuck into my own sphere but whenever I logged on WordPress, I always think about you.
    I can’t say that I truly understand what you are going through but I can say this, without a doubt in my mind, that you are doing the best you can offer to The Girls. You may disagree to this but I see this another way.
    Have faith and keep yourself strong!

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